Nov/ Dec ARC Reviews: Books I would and wouldn’t recommend!

November has been a month of interesting ARC reading, with many of the titles received being pretty impressive! I have read a range of titles ranging from children’s literature to mysteries to cookbooks, most of which i thoroughly enjoyed. I have therefore included a selection of reviews from this month’s ARCs below which I hope will encourage you to give them a shot!

The first ARC that I received was Don’t Forget Me by B.C. Schiller. This was an adult mystery/ thriller that I awarded 2.5/5 stars. It was a fast paced quick read with a promising premise. The execution was ok, however I felt at some points the narrative became slightly confusing. But overall this book was relatively enjoyable and I would certainly recommend it to anybody that is interested in mysteries!

The next ARC I received was a cookbook called Spice Apothecary by Bevin Clare. This was a highly informative and easy book to follow, with its contents ranging from the history of certain spices to the uses for them in terms of benefiting one’s health. I enjoyed reading the recipes and feel I now have a better understanding of spices! I therefore rated this 3.5/5 stars, and would definitely recommend it to anybody interested!

The above wasn’t the only cookbook I received. I also received a copy of Nancy J Cohen’s A Bad Hair day Cookbook which I awarded 4 stars. This is the first of Nancy Cohen’s books that I have read, and I am hoping that it won’t be the last! I thoroughly enjoyed these easy to follow recipes, and I am really looking forward to trying a bunch of them out! I thought the addition of the excerpts was a great touch and made this cookbook a great read. I would certainly recommend this cookbook alongside Spice Apothecary.

Finally I received probably my most anticipated ARC: Bird Brain by Chuck Mullin! I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and loved the ways in which it tackled mental illness and made it easier to understand for those without it. I loved the combination of the comics and the writing, and found it particularly interesting that the comics seemed to be linked to one another. The art style was really cute, and I would recommend for anyone that’s thinking of reading it! I therefore awarded this book 4.5 stars!

Overall I enjoyed the majority of the ARCs I received this month, and would like to thank Netgalley and the various publishers that provided me with these ARCs in exchange for honest reviews!


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