5 Bookish Sins I Commit on a Regular Basis!

Within the bookish community there are huge groups of individuals that manage to keep their books in pristine condition, and though this is something I really (really!) admire it is, unfortunately, something I seem incapable of emulating! Try as I might I just cannot stop myself from consciously and unconsciously committing almost every single book sin there is, so I thought it would be fun to list the top 5 ways I do this. This post is partly a desperate plea for somebody to tell me they do the same, so please do comment below and let me know if you can relate, or if this post has turned me into a monster in your eyes!

Brace yourselves, this may be a bumpy ride!

1    I dog- ear the pages

Try as I might I just cannot get out of this habit! No matter how many beautiful bookmarks I buy I simply lose them within .2 seconds of ownership. Plus in my mind folding the page is just so much easier! Personally I find it easier to see how much progress I’ve made when I fold the page as opposed to sticking a bookmark in, so that is precisely what I do!

2   I crack the spine

I used to be so against doing this and thought that anybody that did it was a literal monster, oh if only my younger self could see me now! There is nothing more annoying to me than reading a book that you’re holding half closed out of fear of cracking the spine, so i always crack the spine immediately and honestly it’s one of the best feelings in the world. It’s so satisfying. I am such a carefree woman now! Such a wildcard! It changed my life for the better and I am not afraid to admit it!

3   I highlight my books

Whenever I read a book I always have my highlighter handy! If I see a beautiful quote or one that I wish to mention in a review I have no issue with highlighting it! It makes quotes so much more easily accessible, and honestly makes my life as a book blogger so much easier!

4   I write in my books

If you weren’t already disgusted by my behavior, I’ll go one step further and reveal that I consistently write in the books I am reading. I mostly do this with classics as it’s a habit I slipped into while studying literature, but I occasionally do it i other books too! This not only makes writing my review so much easier, but is also so interesting to read through months after I’ve read the book. But I must admit that I also do this because I can be kinda lazy, and writing directly into the book is so much easier than writing anywhere else!

Now I feel that I need to prepare you for the final sin because it’s one that is probably wholly unique to me, and as a result I’m not certain that you’ll be ready to hear of it! But here goes….

5   Sometimes (it’s actually quite a lot more than some of the time) I’ll just place a cup of tea (in true British fashion) right on top of the page I’m reading to keep the page, and this often results in my books being absolutely covered in rings of tea from the bottom of the cup and this makes the pages wrinkle a bit and alongside the cracked spine it makes for a really very wonky book that is barely a book shape anymore!

Well….. I think enough has been said.

And that concludes the 5 bookish sins I regularly commit! Please do understand that I absolutely love my books and me almost completely destroying them is actually my way of showing that I love my books! I would love to hear if you commit any of the same bookish sins I do, or if you’re one of the people I envy in your ability to keep your books beautiful!

p.s. please don’t judge me too hard!

33 thoughts on “5 Bookish Sins I Commit on a Regular Basis!”

  1. The picture you posted is absolutely GORGEOUS! I love when books are written in and highlighted. They always look so loved. I don’t dog ear my books. I never got into it; however, I do sometimes like to highlight and write in my books! I like to make remarks like “omg I love this!” or “hehe, this character is funny”. It’s fun reading the books later on and seeing what I use to love about it the first I read it. And yes! I use to hate cracking the spines but I felt so derpy struggling to hold the book open without cracking it XD It’s satisfying to crack it! Like the pop a pickle charge makes, ahahahha.


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    1. Yessss I think books look so nice when they’ve been highlighted and annotated! I also find it fun when I do books swaps with my friend as she can read my thoughts as she’s reading the book! As you say cracking the spine of a book is definitely satisfying, I love it so much hahaha I’m so glad I’m not alone in finding it so satisfying


  2. Hahaha I do all of these things too (though I’m more likely to use a cup of coffee than tea to hold book pages down). It’s nice to know that I’m not alone! Most people are horrified when they find out that I dog-ear pages!

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    1. Omg it’s so rare that I find someone that does the same! I’m so glad I’m not alone especially with the tea/ coffee one haha! Also, dog- earing is just so efficient and easy! I will never stop doing it!

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    1. Haha it appears not many people can relate! I used to get so mad when I accidentally cracked the spine but I gave in in the end and started doing it on purpose lol ๐Ÿ˜†


  3. I always crack the spine… literally always… I don’t know why but I just can’t read a book half closed… that is why I will open it all the way and crack the spine…. dog-earing is also one of my sins as well.

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  4. It is your property. It isn’t a sin unless you declare it a sin.

    I dropped a library book in the pool once. That was a sin until I paid for it. Then we were good again lol

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    1. Exactly! Plus I actually find cracking the spine really satisfying haha! I’m glad you relate to one thing even if you feel the rest are blasphemic! ๐Ÿ˜†


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