Popular Books I DNF’ed

We all have books that were so tediously boring that we couldn’t bear to finish them, and though some may stay strong and persevere, I can’t say this is something I’m inclined to do often. If I’m not enjoying a book I’ll simply put it down! This, as you can probably imagine, has led to a rather steep increase in the amount of novels on my DNF list, some of which are incredibly popular among others in the bookish community!

I therefore thought it would be fun to create a list of the most popular books I’ve DNF’ed! I’d be interested to know if you think there are any books on my list that I should give another chance, or whether we have any books in common!

So, without further ado, lets begin!

The Handmaid’s Tale


This is probably the book I am most ashamed of never finishing! Try as I might (and I have tried about 5 times now) I just cannot finish this book for the life of me! There is nothing inherently bad about this book and nothing that particularly puts me off, yet every time I attempt to read it I only get about half way through before it’s put back onto my bookshelf! I may pick this book up a 6th time, but at this point it is unlikely!


Ready Player One


This is definitely a case of wrong book wrong person! I tried this book twice but the whole premise just wasn’t too interesting to me! I got this as a gift and knew nothing about it prior to trying to read it, and unfortunately it just wasn’t for me in the end!

The Raven Cycle


This is probably the most popular series I haven’t finished! It feels like everybody in the bookish community has read these books, but I can never make it through the first book! It’s not that the book is bad, it’s just that I always find something else I want to read more. I really am determined to finish this series at some point, though I’m unsure as to when I’ll get round to it!

Days of Blood and Starlight


I read Daughter of Smoke and Bone and it was relatively enjoyable, but not enjoyable enough to continue reading the whole series. I quickly became bored with this book and DNF’ed it pretty early on! I can certainly see the appeal, but unfortunately this one just wasn’t for me!

The Kiss of Deception


This is the only book on this list that I absolutely refuse to try again. I did not enjoy it at all! The love triangle was probably the worst part about this, but the plot seeming like it was going nowhere was a close second! I was so bored while reading this I actually fell asleep, so I can’t say it was all that engaging! I did get a fair way through this one before I put it down, though 50% was as far as I was willing to persevere!

And that wraps up the most popular books I didn’t finish! I’m willing to give some of these another try upon some convincing, though I can’t guarantee that I’ll ever actually finish them!

I would love to hear which popular books you’ve DNF’ed, and whether we have any in common!

16 thoughts on “Popular Books I DNF’ed”

  1. I also had to try The Handmaid’s Tale several times to finish it. I finally read it for a book club and was really impressed, I think I needed to wait for the right time in my life.

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  2. I also can never finish The Handmaid’s Tale. I find the concept very interesting and the writing is also okay but I guess I have the same problem as you I dont find anything wrong in the book but it doesn’t pull me as well. I have tried reading it 2 times already, maybe I should also give it another go.

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  3. I also DNF’ed kiss of deception. It felt like the book was going absolutely nowhere and I didn’t care for the love triangle. If it had focused more on lia as a character and the plot and less on a love interest, it would have been great

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