My Classics TBR

Over the years Classic literature has transformed from something that felt really rather daunting and out of reach to something that I actively enjoy engaging with, and this is largely down to mandatory explorations of such texts at school. In my love for deep analysis I found a real love for the types of literature… Continue reading My Classics TBR

Reading Every Book Mentioned in Roald Dahl’s Matilda

During a recent reread of Matilda, one of my all- time favorite books from my childhood, I came to realize that tiny little Matilda has read far more classics than I, a firm lover of classics, ever have! In childhood I never truly appreciated the variety of important and impactful literature she had read, and… Continue reading Reading Every Book Mentioned in Roald Dahl’s Matilda

Book Tropes I Do and Don’t Love!

Books are essentially made up of tropes, so it goes without saying that there are a whole multitude present in much of modern literature! While some tropes are far from enjoyable and serve to turn into overused cliches, there are also a fair share of tropes that work brilliantly and can truly make a novel… Continue reading Book Tropes I Do and Don’t Love!

Popular Books I DNF’ed

We all have books that were so tediously boring that we couldn't bear to finish them, and though some may stay strong and persevere, I can't say this is something I'm inclined to do often. If I'm not enjoying a book I'll simply put it down! This, as you can probably imagine, has led to… Continue reading Popular Books I DNF’ed

Beautiful Hardcover, Not So Beautiful Paperback

Try as we might to ignore it, we must admit to ourselves that the vast majority of us do in fact judge a book by its cover-- in the most literal sense! And so what is worse than loving the premise of a book but absolutely hating the cover? Or, in a similar vein to… Continue reading Beautiful Hardcover, Not So Beautiful Paperback

Bookish Landmarks I Most Want To Visit!

The world is full of absolutely beautiful bookish places which, unfortunately, I haven't yet had the privilege of visiting. From small bookstores in Paris to theatres- turned- libraries elsewhere in the world, there are a whole multitude of landmarks I am incredibly keen to visit! I have therefore decided to create a list of the… Continue reading Bookish Landmarks I Most Want To Visit!

Intimidating Books on my TBR

I, like I'm sure many others do, have a whole load of books on my TBR. It's only natural then that some of these books should be more intimidating than others, whether this be down to the hype surrounding it, the topics it explores or even the mere length of it. Below I've decided to… Continue reading Intimidating Books on my TBR