Review Policy

I am more than happy to receive books for review from authors or publishers on this blog! If you would like to send me a book for review, please read the information below where I have outlined books I am likely to accept, and then contact me via my contact page!


The following are the genres I am currently accepting:

Young Adult: Contemporary, Romance, Fantasy, Mythological, Retellings, LGBT

Adult: Contemporary, Romance, Fantasy

I will occasionally accept: Literary Fiction (YA and Adult) and Mystery (YA and Adult)


Genres I will not review include:

Horror and Paranormal

Non- Fiction


Formats that I will accept books in include:

Physical Copy (hardback or paperback is fine)– preferable

Kindle ebook- Mobi (occasionally epub)

Via Netgalley

I will accept ARCs as physical copies, eARCs, and PDFs


When sending a request I ask that you please include:

The title

Summary of the book

The genre

The release date

Word/ Page count

Any other relevant information!



I cannot accept every single request, and will not accept those that do not fall in to my genre preferences

Once you have submitted a request, please allow 2-3 business days for a response (though I will often try my hardest to respond faster!)

I will always attempt to review the book sent within six weeks of receiving it, though if this is not possible I’ll try my best to post a review before it is released! If I am unable/ unwilling to review the book for whatever reason, I’ll be sure to contact you to let you know

I will try my hardest to be positive in my reviews but I will not give it a higher rating that I feel it deserves as my aim is to be as truthful as possible on this blog!

If I DNF the book, I will always try to get to the 50% mark before I do so, and I’ll consider still writing a review recommending it to others if I feel they’ll enjoy it even if I did not.


Thank you for showing an interest! Please be sure to contact me via my contact page or via my email: !